Look at your average pickup driver and you'll see someone as little like me as it's possible to get. Most pickups here in the UK are shiny and new and no one in their right mind wants one like that, and it is, in fact, an absence of right mindedness that prevails throughout 95% of pickup sales here in the UK. But, clarity of thought matters aside, I'd like one like this old Chevvy, but in order for that to be a good thing I'd also have to live down the end of a bumpy track in a land of permanent dust and sunshine. The appeal probably stems from a childhood exposure to Hazzard County with the Good Ol' Boys, but how good the ol' boys were is probably more nuanced than I was aware of at the time, given that many of the characters would have voted for Trump and couldn't care less about how many miles they got to a gallon of whichever fossil fuel was involved.

So, I've got over pick ups, but as products of a different era, I'm hoping I can still show some interest..? I mean, the design is attractive, no?

Here's Kay putting down a deposit on the choicest pickup in Sussex County.