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Jim Simon Photography
West Sussex
Am I right in thinking that all Jim does is ride about on his ancient bike, taking the odd photograph with his ancient cameras, developing his silly old films and printing off pictures to sell?
That's about it, only he's almost never on his bike when he actually takes a picture as he generally hops off and walks about a bit. He does also have most of a proper job, but recently is concentrating even more on photography.
Jim takes photographs with film cameras and processes his own negatives to produce a feel and range of tones that he finds missing in digital images. Jim almost exclusively uses his much-loved pre-war Leitz 35mm "Elmar" lens;
"Modern lenses I have tried give prints a slightly stark and unrealisitc look that doesn't match subjects as I see them. More modern lenses may have... well do have...  technical and handling advantages over my old lens, but with the Elmar I don't have to think about what the prints will look like - they will accurately reflect what I felt when I decided to make the exposure. And I quite like presenting an older style of image - after all I'm a little fuzzy round the edges too."
Jim has been taking photographs for 30 years and offers his images for sale, both through this site and via other outlets.