olympus 35-sp

What's this? Camera shake?

Indeed it is camera shake - but it's not my fault!

Oh dear... Camera shake! What was I doing? Am I less solid than I thought?

It's not me, Guv - it's the camera's fault!

To clarify; in general I'm quite happy working down in the 1/30th region with any camera. My M2 is fine at 1/15th, and the above photo from my 35-SP was taken at around 1/30th, and the same sideways lunge of the SP manifests itself even up to and above 1/60th! So what's going on?

The thing is that the shutter on, at least, my 35-SP, goes off with a "Thwang" and a "Boing" and a "Crr-rrrack!" all mixed into one and the effect of this is that the camera gets shoved sideways. Not far, obviously, but far enough to produce the effect shown above.

Which is a shame because the meter of the 35-SP is so good down into the almost dark, and the lens is great anywhere in its f-stop range, but if I can't trust the camera to stay still when I release the shutter then there's no point in taking the shot.

So what to do? The SP went to the doctor's a couple of years ago so there seems to be little point in sending it in again. Do I keep it? Not sure... Will I use it? Probably not much. Do I still like the camera? Of course I do!