Ahh... past times

Like so many things - just human nature I guess - we took Kodachrome for granted when we had it. Now it's just a distant memory. But, the world's moved on; we can get other slide film, but who looks at slides in any case? There was a time when Cibachrome was a good way to go, but, well, life is different now.

This image doesn't particularly show the vibrancy of Kodachrome, but I like the image so much that in it goes. Gare du Nord I think, in the 80's, when Kodachrome was about. At the time I never minded the slowness of the film - just never thought about it, but now I steer towards 400 asa black and white film just because it places shutter speeds and f-stops in good places. I suppose I just went with f2.8 no worries.