Not taking photos

Since we were all affected by Covid 19 - for me not in an illness way but rather in terms of not circulating - I haven't taken more than a couple of rolls, and even they were of stuff in the garden.

I've been baking for years and I'm doing a lot more of that, and cooking in general, than I am photographing things. I belong to a few online gatherings of photographers, and I have to say that I wish many others had adopted my approach which is to say that if there's not a worthwhile reason to press the shutter, don't press it. I had a film in my M2 that had been in there since late 2019, which I developed in 2022 and, with the exception of a couple of pictures of things when we went cycling one day, there was nothing worthwhile on it because I haven't been anywhere. I know one can "see" images of interest, at least to one's self, in everyday subjects, but there's a limit even to my capacity to be impressed by my photographs.

The image here is of a focaccia I made a while back, taken with my ipad and stitched together to show proving, pre-bake topping, and the finished thing. From memory I think it was a bit dry...