Not taking photos

Since lockdown - which is still a thing for the right-minded - I haven't taken more than a couple of rolls, and even they were of stuff in the garden.

This is a digital combo image I put together some time ago. I've been baking for years and I'm doing a lot more of that than I am photographing things. I belong to a few online gatherings of photographers, and I have to say that I wish many others had adopted my approach which is to say that if there's not a worthwhile reason to press the shutter, don't bother. I had a film in my M2 that had been in there since late 2019, which I developed last month and, with the exception of a couple of pictures of things when we went cycling one day, there was nothing worthwhile on it because I haven't been anywhere worthwhile.

Many others pretend that the virus doesn't apply to them, and that whilst they say it's something to respect they've stopped wearing masks in shops and other indoor spaces, they'll go to the pub and sit inside, they'll hug friends they haven't seen for months, and are generally doing their bit to keep infection levels high. I won't join in, and although I'm increasingly on my own in this, the principle is what matters to me and I refuse to be part of the problem. I read published science, I listen to epidemiologists, I have all my vaccine shots, I'm doing the right thing - if only everyone else did the same thing we'd be in a better place and be in a position to more readily help others around the World.